Early 20th century hollywood regency style table lamp by Stiffel


Early 20th century hollywood regency style table lamp by Stiffel. Black painted brass base and feet, crackle glaze ceramic column and a long brass neck leading to the original stamped milk glass holophane shade.
As a US import, the lamp has now been converted standard british 3 pin, an inline switch has been added, PAT tested.
The overall condition is excellent and original with only age related wear/patina to note.
There is a slight lean to be considered but as seen in the image the lamp sits well, it's just case of finding the sweet spot so the lean is towards the wall. A very impressive original, tall example.

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The Stiffel Lamp Company was founded in 1932, in Chicago, Illinois by Ted Stiffel. A talented craftsman, Ted Stiffel had a background in fine arts that gave him a unique ability to design innovative and intelligently crafted lamps, which were also beautiful to behold.

Stiffel’s dedication to excellence established the company as the industry leader in quality.

During World War II, the company opened up a screw machine department and produced hundreds of thousands of bolts for anti-aircraft guns and other essential components for the war effort. In 1945, after V-J Day, when most government contracts were withdrawn, Stiffel went back to what it did best, making the highest quality metal lamps.

Over the years Stiffel Lamp has contributed a myriad of accomplishments to the lamp industry, including the invention of the patented Stiffel Switch, the pole lamp and unparalleled accomplishments in design.